Mexico Cesar added backcourt aegis was hit by baby opponents
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The aboriginal bout of the bold took abode in 33 minutes, Mexico Cesar added backcourt aegis was hit by baby opponents, because the bend to the ground, afresh can not move. In the affray doctor came to the diagnosis, the drillmaster seats was a riot, the Mexican drillmaster Osorio affecting rushed to the New Zealand coach, afresh and afresh by the abettor drillmaster stopped, he was consistently with the fourth official Shouting. And afresh the television advertisement is complete acutely photographed his connected use of English corruption anniversary other. Has consistently been a admirer angel of him(visit LOLGA.INC), rarely see the affections so excited. Another activity is the end of the game, Mexico Reyes pulled from the aback of New Zealand Burke Shar's clothes, causing the added fell. Afterwards the New Zealand 14th Thomas al of a abrupt rushed to the Mexican players bursts of shaking, both players in the acreage affections are complete excited, acreage drillmaster and the coffer is rushed together, about beforehand to a fight. Ridiculous, if the adjudicator if the bulk of the bulk did not even see through the bold was disconnected for three minutes, and ultimately through the video abettor referee's acknowledgment appointment to affirm the two chicken cards. For the adjudicator such a penalty, afterwards the bold Tencent sports account Chris - Wood aswell mentioned this point. "This is the case, there is no way, the video adjudicator is such a penalty. The accommodation is the referee's duty, but for his achievement today, I still do not evaluate." Wood said so. And for the aboriginal bisected of the Osorio bedraggled words anathema things, in the columnist appointment afterwards the game, he aswell apologized: "New Zealand abettor drillmaster angered me in Spanish, angered me, I did so Here, I ambition to say apologetic to all the audience. "Osorio recalled that he had gone far, but the added ancillary is still scolded, so their final outbreak, rushed aback to abuse out the bad language. Although I apologize, but Osorio is not soft: "I acquire their play concept, they are a complete bright way, is to do a lot of concrete contact." Osorio words, in fact, It agency that New Zealand played "dirty".


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