Real Madrid generals crushed away rumors that marriage will be renewed
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Isaac may leave Real Madrid after the summer of next year. However, according to "Marca" news revealed that the Islamic Super Cup in the European Championship after the proclaimed, and Real Madrid will complete the renewal, he will continue to stay at the Bernabeu. Ethiopia 25 years old, the Secretary offensive midfielder. He was in the summer of 2013 to 25 million euros worth from Malaga to Real Madrid. In the last season for the Real Madrid Real Madrid tournament played 42 times, sent 11 goals and 10 assists in two pairs of data. Just ended the European Super Cup, Isaiah played the first to become Real Madrid won the hero. Real Madrid and Isis only last year of the contract, the original Spanish media that, because can not get a stable main position, he is likely to expire after the contract free transfer to leave the team. But after the end of the European Super Cup, Isko has relatives, he and Real Madrid to complete the renewal. "I should not have been discussing the question now, and I am very happy at Bernabeu," said Isko, who is very happy with the fact that we (and Real Madrid) are close to the contract and everything is going to be done. According to the Spanish media revealed that the renewal of the Moscow has been basically reached, He and Real Madrid will be renewed for four years, and the annual salary also has a certain degree of improvement. And in the upcoming new season, Isaia is also expected to compete for the main position. Spanish Super Bowl is the blessing of Messi, the Argentine is the tournament striker king, scored a total of 12 goals. And Real Madrid is his favorite victim. Barcelona 10 face Real Madrid scored 5 goals, including 3 goals in 2011 and 2012 2 goals. In addition he faces Sevilla scored 4 goals, Bilbao Athletics 3 goals. Messi has won 30 championships, including seven Spanish Super Cups. In all the Spanish Super Cup final, Messi has helped Barcelona win the final. Do not miss all of his previous goals, if you do not want to miss the first race of the season, and now go to buy it.


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