Knight swept too uncomfortable not recruited free agent
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"It's harder, we're swept again, tell the truth, that's one of the worst feelings," Droudan admits, "it's too bad to be out of that way because you did not think it would be Sometimes you have to bear the pain, will bitterly swallow to the stomach, and then turn it into fuel, which is what I do, this is the only way to look out of the only positive way. This season, many stars change the door, but DeRuozan still stick to the ice and snow in Toronto, he said he was always loyal to the Raptors: "I have always been so, you have to be willing to go through those good, bad, this is my way of doing things " Last season, the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Raptors were swept by the Knight also Lori's ankle injury related to this summer Lori continued to stay in the Raptors. Talked about the partner, De Luozan said: "I did not talk to him about the injury problem, I was playing, trying to find a way to play with the players to play this summer I did not talk with Lori free agent, I never If you are drinking now, I will tell you do not drink, you are my buddy, I have to worry about your safety, but if you get another job, you think this is for you Is the best, then I will not tell you do not accept, this is your decision, you have to make this decision, because you are not making decisions for yourself, but also for your family, you have to do the right If you really are your friend, you should do the best thing for yourself, and I will support you.If you need my advice, there are questions to ask me, I know nothing. Beyond that, I will not find you tell you that you need to do this and you need to do that. "I did not, my job was to make every effort to make my teammates better, and I would not say, 'buddy, come here for us," he said. Trying for a year. 'We do not have much time to experiment, and every player's sporting career is limited. If I recruit a player to the Raptors, the result is unhappy, then I will feel wrong. The will is mutual, and if we do not have such a common will, then I will not go to recruit free agents.


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