5v5 Nanjing station successfully concluded Middletown live awards
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August 6, 2017, Nanjing - the second NBA five-man elite basketball game "NBA 5v5" Nanjing Railway Station, from August 5 to 6 in Nanjing Hexi Wanda Plaza hot start, invited to participate in the race Eight teams, for the competition to participate in September 2 to 3 of the Shanghai Finals qualification for the fierce fight. In today's match day, the women's idol combination SNH48 also appeared to play lap powder, for the intense game brought a trace of lovely atmosphere. From the Taiwan team GDS eventually with its strong strength, even grams of two Nanjing local team, and in the final to 64 to 39 victory over the GOC team from Henan, won the Nanjing Division of the championship, and the two teams are also Won the entry into the Shanghai Finals qualification, from the NBA Bucks Chris Middleton took over into the national finals tickets. Intense competition gap, SNH48 six beautiful guests of the song and dance performances for the audience to bring a touch of cool. Chris Middleton and the SNH48 in the field of basketball interaction, Middleton first demonstrated how to shoot SNH48, but he seems to be in the eyes of six beautiful students under the watch slightly nervous, the first vote in the wrong. SNH48 were followed by shooting attempts, although only Fayuan source one hit, but did not affect the first team to participate in NBA activities in the form of SNH48 mood, they said to participate in the NBA 5v5 very excited, and the opportunity to interact with NBA players, as if In his basketball teaching really learned a number of basketball technology, but also hope that fans have the opportunity to join such positive and positive activities feel the passion of the NBA and basketball. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins At sunset, the final opened the curtain, from the island of Taiwan GDS against the team from Henan GOC. The state of the GDS opening is irresistible, with three foreign aid tough defense and rebounding ability and the team in the Taiwan University League players for the outstanding performance, has been a big score leading GOC, the final 64 to 39 win the championship. Into the military in 2013 GDS is good at tough American style, the team players are distributed in a variety of five positions have a strong strength of the elite players, in addition to three foreign aid also in the NCAA level league play, in the Taiwan University Students League Play a number of players, the leader is the Taiwanese artist Bo Yan, the site MVP players by the GDS third of the shooter 6 Luo Yu Hong made.


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