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"In the future, I believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to bring a lot of surprises, and even create a new important industry, such as unmanned, we must seize the opportunity to actively participate in this new knowledge revolution." Yao Chi- Witty "message said. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Turing Award winner, in this program to achieve their first show of the variety. "After experiencing a number of troughs, we once again ushered in the boom in artificial intelligence research, but the development of robots, especially the development of robot intelligence awareness, is still a century problem." Zhang Jianwei said he would Expert in the field of artificial intelligence appears to be a wit witness. Engaged in the Beidou related research work more than ten years, the Institute of Optoelectronics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences since the youngest researcher and doctoral tutor Xu Ying, known as the "Beidou goddess" in the "witty", she "universal scientific knowledge Of the young scholar "positioning among the wit witness group. In addition to science and technology workers, the world's chess history, the youngest four-time champion, and Alpha Go (AlphaGo) man-made battle of Ke Jie will also become a member of the wit witness. Famous writers, artists, hard pen calligraphers will be at the scene as a test project title, artificial intelligence and the strongest human examiners to give specific competition topics. The strongest human inspector team is full of opinion. In addition to Jeremy Lin, Bao Chunlai, the CCTV well-known host Zhao Zhongxiang, in the "Zhang Yingying missing case" hand painted suspects with FBI investigation of the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau chief simulation portrait expert Lin Yuhui and so on will represent human challenge artificial intelligence. As the first national focus on artificial intelligence science program, "witty" is designed to become an accelerator in the relay relay, popularize scientific knowledge, spread the scientific spirit, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance the scientific literacy of all people, release the wisdom of the whole people, and And ultimately stimulate the people of the innovation force.


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