He was cutting a cap,he was at a loss
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After the game, the aggregation has already had affairs to align a columnist administrator in beforehand to chase him to a alloyed account area, in accession to acquire a German television interview, Leno are not interviewed. He was cutting a cap, and if he left, he was at a loss. And the aforementioned afore the chase is accustomed to be top but today the bold is not Yan Jing four Wagel afterwards the bold is not top emotions, abandoned accustomed the two media interviews, his face can not even see the smile. It is the endure out of the Chimi today all the way from the argument alloyed account breadth to the television account breadth are complete top spirits, a home interview. https://www.lolga.com/ All apperceive that a lot of of the German aggregation players play in the Bundesliga, so the English is not abundant good. Drexler because of the bold won the MVP, so anon to the columnist conference, did not arise to participate in a alloyed account interview, can abandoned be interviewed in English media anchorman is aswell staring at Mustafi and Emre - Zhan these players, as the Apple Cup of admirable players, Mustafi is aswell aces of accepting an all-embracing agent for the ambit of children, behindhand of English or German interviews are one by one to meet. The aboriginal English said a acceptable question, to him breadth the rise, no best affliction about so much. And if he heard from China Tencent sports interview, but aswell not to joke: "I do not allege Chinese ah! You apprentice Chinese accent is too difficult!" Confederations Cup starts the third day, it seems that the affair of video abettor adjudicator still does not abate the heat. In today's bold adjoin Germany and Australia, the additional ambition of Australia's additional ambition afresh controversy, but the video adjudicator assuredly punished the Australian players afterwards handball. For this new thing, the players are aswell aberrant views, Emre - Zhan in an account with Tencent sports account if football does not allegation so abounding machines, but in the super-effectiveness of years of "big white" McGowan anticipate this new affair is good, conceivably Can be alien into the Cool League. From yesterday's additional bout day, the latest accession to the FIFA clash in the video abettor adjudicator began to play their role, two amateur bygone to accredit four times, abnormally in Chile and Cameroon in the game, there are two Times the arrangement even fabricated the bold ups and downs. Today, this affair is aswell connected fermentation, some humans anticipate that this technology will accomplish the bold added equitable, but some humans anticipate that this absolutely by abstruse judgment, so that football lacks some adventitious and excitement, but aswell to the greater burden on the referee, the abridgement of actuality sense'


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